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We're back

After months of being off line, we're back on the interweb. All the old stuff is here, all searchable finally. Give it a try. Also, if you are on facebook, we are integrated now so if you're logging in from there, you don't need to log in here. The MVM app will help you bring in your profile info and bring over whatever you want. As a member, you can upload your own vids, and embed them wherever. We'll be adding features soon, as this is just a basic framework. Let your climber friends know we're back and as traffic grows, new features and content will follow... Thanks for your support! -MC

Momentum-Latest News

Yes, it has been a while since our last update. But we're not finished. We are currently working on a new version of the site, which will give us the ability to bring you new videos and stories more often and get you, the members, more involved.

Today, check out a new video from Hayden Miller on a problem called "The Green Iguana", a new V8 problem. Looks very good.


Vail World Cup in Review, 2009

The 2009 Teva Mountain Games in Vail Colorado held the 2009 Bouldering World Cup Climbing Competition for the second year running. Over 60 professional climbers from over 20 countries came to compete and hangout. In the finals 5 of the 10 climbers were representing the USA, showing how strong America is in the climbing world. Timmy O'neil, a professional climber himself was the voice at the climbing wall. Getting thousands of spectators psyched and explaining what was happening during the competition. Everybody get ready, the Unites States is hosting the next 3 Bouldering World Cup Climbing Competitions at the Teva Mountain Games!
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